No Tickee, No Crossee …

Ever have one of those days when despite careful planning and checking – something doesn’t fall into place.  Such was the morning … 8AM, sun shining on a crisp fall day, that we arrived at the border.  It’s time to open the gates … we wave at the border guards and reach for the passport.  Oh, oh … it’s not there.  But it’s always there.  Yet it’s not there.

In the book of James we’re told that our big plans should be considered lightly … because we really don’t have everything worked out like we think we do.  We should always think “If the Lord is willing, we will live and do this or that.”  Good advice. So … here we are on the edge of the Colville National Forest.

Back roads beautiful

Off to the east toward county road 4013 … take the Orient Cutoff, or the Barstow Bridge Road, or Northport Flat Creek road … then head back north.  Now this is livin’ … absolutely no-one on the road, well-kept pastures here and there, eye-popping views!  Now if there was only someplace to stop and brew up a cuppa tea and relax for a bit.

Whoa … what’s this: a lake, and campsites …

It is early in the morning, and the sun hasn’t risen above the little mountain yet … and here is Pierre Lake campground (in the Colville National Forest) with a boat ramp.  Campsites right on the lake. No-one is here – it’s like a private site.

Well, not exactly private – the local bears are around.

Let’s summarize: very private, by the lake, $3 with your National Forest pass, exceptionally clean facilities, walking paths – this is made for a truck camper.  No signal though, because it must be time to really chill and recover.  Ahhhh.

The sun pops over the hills … now this is an office with a view!

This is a great hidden getaway, next to the Canadian border.  Don’t miss this!

Here’s some of the other sights along this back road.

Peaceful day, it looks like the work is all done.
The locals are curious about the TC
Old barns galore … nestled in the valleys

Now I had a day of interviews planned … places to visit … people to see.  Fortunately, someone else knew a rest was in order.  Thanks!!

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