A Road Less Traveled …

When your backyard is at lakeside … or mountainside … or in the forest … or in the city, and you thoroughly enjoy it, it becomes very hard to move.


Having lunch in the vineyard with a cool afternoon breeze is hard to give up. But so is the proverbial “Sunday drive.”

Wikipedia notes: The use of the automobile for the Sunday drive began in the 1920s and 1930s. The idea was that the automobile was not used for commuting or errands, but for pleasure. There would be no rush to reach any particular destination.

Traveling Tortuga is inclined to journey on “roads less traveled” as a Sunday drive.


In between bouts of work, bursts of visiting, there are stretches of relaxing and stints of driving. Each session is chock full of opportunities to cheer and uplift other people and to be revitalized. It’s what we’re called to do!

And look at all we see in just our little area.



We call it simply-living-well.

4 thoughts on “A Road Less Traveled …

    1. These seemed to be lazy summer days indeed … a string of days that we’re like a”Sunday drive.” On the backroads very few people were stirring, and it was very peaceful.

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