May in Montana


It’s early here … how about a side trip to Big Sky Country? Let’s escape the fog, cross the mountains, and bask in Montana May!!


Destination Bozeman … we’ve got a little business to do there, and it could be an amazing drive!! The day is May 8 … storms forecast for Eastern Washington … and we are going to escape (we hope).


OK … road maintenance season … this must be Montana! I think “Road Maintenance Season” is actually an official season in Montana. The result of this official season IS good roads! Tortuga approves!


Oh yeah … the glorious West. Imagine riding on horseback here, stopping to build a little fire for a hot cup of coffee, then slowly riding to the mountains. Perhaps looking for a rabbit or jackalope to invite to dinner.


Big Sky Country it is. Stick around, enjoy the warmth of the Montana spring. Maybe we’ll have to put off our business contacts … no, not really!

No rabbits … no jackalopes around … so we’ll just haul out the skillet for other things …


… a mixture of veggies and pork chop and cheese and …


Montana. Simply. Living. Well.


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