Teatime …

Winter has not departed. And, there are still some pathways that are undisturbed, awaiting a visit from this traveling tortuga!


Therefore … we slip it into 4×4 and plow our way down to lakeside!

An unspoiled view … and a picnic table for morning tea! A flawless place to live!


We can work … we can read and relax … we can take short walks … we are sheltered and secluded. The only question is: milk before the hot tea, or after. Or maybe no milk at all … a Shoumei White Tea or Nepali Ilam Tea. Too many things to think about …


Just enjoy the scene … looking north (above), or looking south (below).


Or perhaps a little jaunt eastward into the woods …


In any case, this will be home for a short time. Our backyard is pleasant.


We’ll enjoy a healthy mix of apple, banana, blueberry, walnuts, yogurt and milk … and think about all these things. Simple indeed.

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