Going Away, Coming Home

離開,回家  …  lay hoi wui gah. Going away, coming home.

Again. Tortuga has been on the road for a long time.


Another season has passed, and winter has come. For some, it’s just a slight change, only noticed by a cooling of the weather, a little more dampness perhaps, skies that are not as blue … things like that. Tortuga’s base camp is in a four season climate where the changes are a little more clearly defined.


We have “come home”, to the prairie in the magnificent Pacific Northwest. The temperature is not the same as it was only a short time ago! The dampness of winter is white … and not in liquid form!

We yearn for the changing season … for the adjustments and contemplations that come with those changes.

And, for the vivid remembrances of the season that has now gone away. Food and friends that we have seen. Loved ones that we won’t see again. Places that have changed, and will change further. Oh … did I mention the food …


Meanwhile, we’ll cozy up in our tiny home on wheels. And continue to “taste and see …”

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