Romanum venio …

Romanum venio, ieiuno Sabbato; hic sum, non ieiuno: sic etiam tu, ad quam forte ecclesiam veneris, eius morem serva, si cuiquam non vis esse scandalum nec quemquam tibi!

Said by Ambrose and written by Augustine 1600 years (or so) ago. In essence, follow the local Roman customs to avoid scandal. Then, as time passed and playwrights composed, we know it as “When in Rome … etc.”

Pictured above is rich chocolate cake. Looks like a giant burger and fries! It’s a time to celebrate – it’s the 4th of July!

Below, it’s time to celebrate lunch! Hard working folks need a break from the office to stoke up the furnace for an afternoon of activity

How tasty was it?

Another day: smoked pulled pork, bacon, carved ham, cheddar, provolone and huckleberry bbq sauce. Then a little tomato basil soup. Oof!

Or, something a little lighter??

Sometimes there’s a craving for the inimitable basic western food: hamburger and fries. A super bacon burger and large fries at the Thrifty Scotsman. Delicious … and thrifty … but I didn’t know that the Scots were fans of hamburgers.  Hmmmm.

I think this city working life is going to do us in! Giant burritos, tacos and tostadas, amazing sandwiches … never ceasing displays of fantastic fare.

Is it any wonder that we haven’t posted in the last little while? Who has time when you must eat like this?

4 thoughts on “Romanum venio …

    1. The full translation was from Ambrose (who was in Milan): ‘when I go to Rome, I fast on Saturday, but here I do not. Do you also follow the custom of whatever church you attend, if you do not want to give or receive scandal [?]’

      All this restaurant food is a weighty thing!!!

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