Riverside …


Hot languid days at the side of a cool running river. These are times to picnic, dangle feet in the water, and think on simple things. We’re spending time along the Kettle River … which runs through BC and Washington. The river water is clear … here you can see the brown river-rock on the bottom as this stream bubbles along.


The above picture is from our campsite in the Village of Midway, in BC. It’s a tiny frontier town whose heyday was in the early 1900’s. Once promoted as a “railway and residential town”, and, at it’s peak there were nine large bustling hotels serving clientele who came to enjoy the superb climate by the Kettle River. If you’re flying in, the Midway Aerodrome has a grass airstrip!

Below, we are parked in front of the Hotel Midway … just off of the river, and recently renovated.


There’s a border crossing here, and my driver will continue untroubled riverside meandering … and tortuga will continue traveling …


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