Interlude …

Home cooking is best.
It’s always prepared the way you ordered it.

But then, while traveling about, something catches your eye and it’s time to pause …

“Greek pastry” is a cause for pause. Earlier this year, while traveling through the mountains on US97, there it was: St. John’s Monastery and Bakery.

Delicious. Home made by the sisters.

There are more than 20 nuns and novices that gain their support by their handiwork and this special bakery. Mousakas, souvlaki, spanakopita, baklava … and much more.

A nice interlude.

In Spokane WA, as students were winding down for summer, there was a visit to the culinary program at a local collage. Ooops … no reservations available … but they have takeout!

Curry … seafood … fresh baked things …
… salmon!

A nice interlude indeed!

Time to tarry … over a steamer, or chai …

… sometimes at a little coffee shop along the back roads … like here at Judy’s …

… or a stop close to the river. Here is a town named “Hunters”. Population 306. The next closest town, noted as a “populated place” is Cedonia … population 207.

But what a great find …

Was thinking of lingering over a latte … but decided to bide for breakfast!

An incredibly delicious interlude!

Then a temporary respite in Cd’A … Coeur d’ Alene … at a bed and breakfast:

Shrimp Etouffee Benedict … a relaxing respite indeed!

So … remember those intervals in the pages of life that brought joy. Interludes.

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