Adjustments …

When work calls, Tortuga listens. If it means travel to the coast, Tortuga listens intently. The winter is glorious, peaceful and simply beautiful … but so are many other scenes too!

Our house on wheels buttoned up for traveling, and we ventured south and west.

Stopping at Moss Beach where in 1927 bootleggers satisfied local politicians at “Frank’s Place”, a little restaurant still exists. There aren’t any Canadian rum-runners landing here now, but the Moss Beach Distillery still feeds the folks. The residence ghost, “The Blue Lady” is rumored to still be around!

Continuing down the road apiece, seafood is always on the menu!


Fish ‘n chips is an ordinary dish to some … but hard to resist!

On working days my driver is satisfied with sublime salads … healthier???

Healthy portions, that’s for sure! Adjustments in life must be made …

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