Mountains on the east, mountains on the west. They seem to wrap themselves all around us. We’re down at the lakeside and it’s a safe feeling. It’s a comforting feeling.

In the morning, the sun has to climb above those mountains before we feel it’s warmth.

Opening the door to a sunny morning is not unconventional. Being at a site with very, very few other people … in summer … well that is unconventional. Atypical. Unusual. Odd.

That’s us, Traveling Tortuga, off in the distance (right side, below).

This is a rare and unique opportunity! The warmth of a summer afternoon, the cool breezes in the morning and evening, the tranquility of a lightly used campground – we may get some work done, and have some refreshing time too.

Mornings look like this …

… and the sun creeps up from the east …

… and the evening sun settles in the west early …

… making way for a cool evening under the stars.

Conventional activities … seemingly uncommon times. Hmmm.

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