Unfolding …

Traveling Tortuga has not traveled much these last few weeks, as there is ample work to attend to. But, even with the workload, we’ve been able to watch Springtime unfold before our eyes.





And, though nighttime temps often still drop to the high 30’s, low 40’s, the tiny home heater warms our early morning comfortable cocoon up on what we call “the prairie” …


… in time for a tiny breakfast …


… followed by some time to look around and contemplate the upcoming day, while enjoying a steaming cup of tummy warming goodness …


… to be later followed by a slightly more complicated lunch.


Living “tiny”, or “simply”, frees up time to reflect and enjoy the magnificent gifts we’ve been given … the people around us, the places we live, the opportunities in front of us. I hope you’re able to simply and carefully “unfold” the day in front of you today …

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