Seasons … the time of the year? The flavoring of food? The period in life (real or imagined) of a person? A label of a period of time (e.g. Belle Epoque)? The hardening process of metals … like seasoned steel? Perhaps a well seasoned iron skillet?

“For every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”  Inspired words … catchy music too!

Seasons are not always sunny … the seasoning is not always “just right” … this season in life is not always pretty.

But sometimes …

As the sign says: “YEP” … homemade ice cream awaits!

Or, arrive early at that little cafe. And stay!

Or grab a homemade cuppa and sit in the windswept, silent places.

Sometimes the smoke and falling ash gets this Tortuga moving! We only lasted an hour here!!

Many miles away we marveled at the government buildings in tiny towns … population 1,500.

Later we found an unlikely store/eatery with Friday night prime rib (population 60 in this community). Succulent, tender, and you have to wait in line (seems everyone from the surrounding hills and rivers know about it)! The seasoning was exactly perfect!!!

Earlier in the season, there were sunny places to stay …

… uncrowded.

There was a season for reading …

… and a season for wondering at the glory of it all.

5 thoughts on “Seasons

    1. Thank you … I’ve been enjoying your holiday walks through the East Midlands … a season of great getaways for sure!! From the pork pie shops over the Jubilee Bridge, on to Bakewell (mmmm Bakewell tarts) and the Rutland Arms and finally at St. Peter’s in Nottingham – wonderful! And a walk along the canals next to the narrowboats … what an amazing time!! Again, thank you!!

    1. Oh, I know! Things have been a little fraught and busy here this summer. I’d love to post some more news but time and energy have been lacking. I’ll get round to it eventually. 🙂

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