Tortuga is Spanish for turtle.  Actually, it could mean turtle, terrapin, or tortoise … and each of these has special meaning depending on where you live.  Tortoise could be a land turtle only, and terrapin a sea turtle only.  Oh well, for us, TravelingTortuga represents the human species living in a tiny home … and traveling with their tiny home/office on their back!

This blog is our album, our scrapbook, our personal collection of thoughts and memories.

Now, who are “we”?  Well, it really doesn’t matter. How we live … that matters! Living without a lot of “stuff” has equipped us for a peaceful and joyful life. Oh, it was good when we were building and acquiring and living big … but tiny living in simplicity has taken a great life to new heights.

So, where are we? Well, we live and travel in the great North American West. It has everything: high peaks, magnificent valleys, raging rivers, peaceful creeks, rain forests, expansive deserts, desolate rocky escarpments, bountiful cities, restful little towns, crowded places and lonely places, ocean beaches, lakeside retreats … and of course, much more. Foods and languages and peoples from all over the world. And wifi … so that we can work.


Come along with us see what tiny living is like. You may see something that you like!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your truck, it reminds me of the one John Steinbeck used in “Travels With Charley”. I look forward to reading all about your travels and envying you the places that you visit and soak in 🙂

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