Tortuga is Spanish for turtle.  Actually, it could mean turtle, terrapin, or tortoise … and each of these has special meaning depending on where you live.  Tortoise could be a land turtle only, and terrapin a sea turtle only.  Oh well, for us, TravelingTortuga represents the human species living in a tiny home … and traveling with their tiny home/office … and taking their tiny home on their back!

Now, who are “we”?  Well, it really doesn’t matter for this blog, because what matters is how we live! We live without a lot of “stuff” (the technical term for things we don’t really need). Some call it minimalism. Some call it living in simplicity. We call it living without burdens and bondage that holds us back. And because we’re mobile, we can change the scenery at any time.

Where are we? We live and travel in the great North American West. It has everything: high peaks, magnificent valleys, raging rivers, peaceful creeks, rain forests, expansive deserts, desolate rocky escarpments, bountiful cities, restful little towns, crowded places and lonely places, ocean beaches, lakeside retreats … and of course, much more. Foods and languages from all over the world. And wifi … so that we can work.


Come along with us see what tiny living is like. You may see something that you like!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love your truck, it reminds me of the one John Steinbeck used in “Travels With Charley”. I look forward to reading all about your travels and envying you the places that you visit and soak in 🙂

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