Doggie Days

As summer winds up and heats up, there’s a certain amount of inactivity that settles in. For some unknown reason (to me, at least), these are called the “dog days”. The afternoon time is humid … the air seems still … water levels are down … etc., etc.

But “dog days?” All the big ‘ole dogs that I know are wagging their tails … jumping on everything and everybody … full of play … running into the mud carelessly. Joyful!

I need to turn around! I need to look in a different direction!

It’s time to look again at the opportunities close at hand!

Ahhhh … that’s better! Just a couple of miles up the road too. Enjoy the clear water … drop those hot feet into the cool lake. Already I feel the clouds lifting … and the “dog days” turning into “doggie days”.

Just down the road is a shop whose specialty is home baked pies. That’s worth a visit. Creme Brulee just crisped up …

… and lemon cream …

… and in the back room, a host of ladies mixing up batters and fillings. I couldn’t wait to take a picture – I had to take a bite first. Homemade crusts – oh yes!!

Yes, these are the moments I’ll remember, not the stagnation of the silly old weather.

Nice!!! Hope y’all are enjoying joyful, fruitful “doggie days” — wagging your tails, getting out and about, experiencing that tasty treat that puts a smile on your face!

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