Simply Living

The great North American west … and little towns. They go hand-in-hand. My driver often forgets to document these. He can be excused, I suppose, because of all the other natural beauty that surrounds these sweet places.


Here, in a town with fewer than 2,000 people, fun festivals abound. Up ahead, snow has been gathered into piles for some weekend excitement and enjoyment. Oh, there’s plenty of the white stuff everywhere … but we need a concentration for some fun and games!


Everybody knows each other here … and the town has gathered youth teams, adult teams, mixed teams to eat … to compete … to relax and refresh! Nice.


Igloo pulls, sled relays, smooshing, human snow bowling, and more … all competing for the trophy!


Locals have prepared their tastiest chili recipes … vying for this years trophy! Huge hot dogs are roasting in the fire …



Oh there’s more … raffles, specials at the local restaurants, etc. It’s just another day for uncrowded merrymaking.

We settled in for thick chunks of succulent cod (fish and chips), grilled cheese stuffed with smokey bacon and beefy tomato slices, and rich steak soup!



Comfort food indeed … fuel for an active day in this tiny town!

Not crowded. Oodles of fun. An abundance of joy. Uncomplicated. Simply living well.

4 thoughts on “Simply Living

    1. We love living in four seasons! While it’s not for everyone (many flee the winter and moan bitterly about the hot summer), we’re appreciative of the variety. Thank you for your stunning pictures in Africa!!!

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