Tiny home revisits SF

My driver has escaped (eloped, some call it) to warmer climes.


A few weeks in San Francisco is on the menu!


The streets are friendly, the weather balmy, the food is terrific, Golden Gate Park beckons, the beach is relaxing and we can resupply our pantry! And of course, my driver can visit clients and work too!

Speaking of what’s on the menu – lets eat! Oh, you’ve read of dim sum, gai bow, gai mei bow, and such in previous missives. Lets start with some takeout for some relaxing days in the park, basking in the sun.


Golden Gate Park sits on 1000+ acres … it’s considerably larger than New York’s Central Park. Polo fields, little lakes, Japanese Gardens, museums, windmills, a carousel, an amazing Conservatory of Flowers, and more – it’s a place to refresh and restart!

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My driver brings his home to SF often … click here for more about our “living on the streets” of this great city.

Our larder is getting thin in a couple of areas … excellent tea, really rich soy sauce, and other things. A visit to the local shops presents a dizzying array of teas … a fantastic variation of soy sauces …

… at prices easily 50% lower than anywhere else that we’ve ever visited. My driver settled on some Yunnan Pu-erh; some Longjing (Dragon Well); some Gynostemma … and some natural aged soy sauce (5 years), and a few other things.

Now … my driver enjoys living in his tiny home on wheels. He lives simply … but enjoys the varied foods and cultures of the Great American West. The following picture was taken five years ago … from approximately the same place we visited on this trip. Even tiny home people seem to develop habits!

SF Camping
Camping in the City

We’ll soon be moving on … there are more places to go. See ya ….

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