Yesterdays …

Jerry Reed sings out: “Smell the flowers while the roses bloom
Take the time my friend and sing a happy tune
Oh, how precious every mile, so take a minute, learn to smile
My friend, let’s stop a while and smell the flowers…”

Indeed, winter has rushed by while we hustled at full pace to enjoy it all! Wow.

Now it’s time to reflect … think about the yesterdays … look back to the many joys, and warm oneself in remembrance.

Ah yes, there were those days at the beginning of winter … overcast skies, tranquil times, listening to the change of seasons. Enjoying the approach of evening …

… and awakening to the same scene, slightly changed, still peaceful.

Perhaps not exciting … not dramatic or breathtaking … and certainly not thrilling. But, intoxicating in its own way … and that was a yesterday …

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