Searching … wandering … wondering … where are the perfect fish-n-chips? Unfortunately the very definition of “perfect” changes with each new day. At the Chowder House (above) fish-n-chips were on the menu.

Yum. Flaky fish … spicy crust … homemade tartar sauce … perfect. Until …

… the Fisherman’s Market (above). Alaskan cod or halibut, wild salmon, mahi-mahi, catfish and more. Moist, steamy and flaky cod for us with a selection of tartar sauces: Cajun style, Rasta, Sicilian, Bombay and more.

Or, order the fish grilled …

Perfect. Again. Or, others that we’ve recently sampled …


Also … perfect.

Is perfection fickle, or is it just me? I think I already know the answer.

I wonder if all of these hungry folks are wondering the same thing? Well … in Washington State you can only dine outdoors. In Idaho and Montana dining is fully open. OK, not perfect.

So, as I ponder and wander, other searches come to mind … like the perfect hamburger.

Or, the perfect potato skins …

… or ribs …

… or …

… or:

I need to stop … to think about all this excess … and the nonsense of constantly searching, wondering and wandering for perfection.

As Pooh bear says: think, think, think.

What’s in my hand today? How can I help someone who is struggling? Who can I thank for those blessings that I’ve already received? Ah … that’s perfect.

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