What Will Tomorrow Bring?


It seems like we just traveled this route … except in reverse. The unexpected happens. Surprises occur. Things not foreseen materialize.

And Tortuga is traveling southward. Even the early morning fog shrouds the landscape …  long past the time it was due to leave!


Passing through familiar sights, two days roll by. Oh, we’ve been this way many times, yet the beauty never eases to astonish. Where are you today?? Look around if you’re able.



For us, the evening arrival comes … and even in a smoky day where the air is tanned by local fires, there is a calm knowing that we’ve reached the endpoint of this trek.

2 thoughts on “What Will Tomorrow Bring?

    1. A day and half day travel from Washington State to San Francisco … from 10 degrees to -9, then back up to 16 (C) … or 50 degrees to 14, then back up to 70 (F). A full range of beauty on the road!

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