Expecting to order take-out, what a pleasant surprise to just sit …

… and leisurely partake! All we have to do is to cross the state lines, where everybody is socially distanced.  Very nice!!

The cutlery isn’t fancy, but the cooking is a pure delight. A freshly made pot of clam chowder … a jar of local huckleberry jam … a place to sit outside and draw in that clean mountain air. Ahhh! Note that this was one of the best clam chowders ever, and we could watch the cooks in the back prepping their next pot: sausage gravy to pour over homemade biscuits!!!

Further down the road, prime rib is fresh out of the oven and the end-cut is available. Outside a couple of guitars, drums, harmonica and keyboard harmonize with locals singing … oh, it’s time to enjoy the abundance we’ve been given!

That’s not to say that we’ve been starving … below is baked wild Pacific cod with farm fresh tomatoes and home grown bok choy, cooked in the tiny home.

We did find something very different though … it was called an ice cream potato. Hmmm. It is vanilla ice cream, hand rolled into a potato shape, dusted in cocoa, topped with whipped cream and almonds, laying in a bed of hot fudge and crushed brownies.

It’s good to be a traveling tortuga! After all the excitement of dining here and there, it’s not far down the road to some new place to call home.

4 thoughts on “Freedom

    1. Makes me want to break out in song, “Food glorious food, we’re anxious to try it …”. From 1968 film Oliver (or originally from the Broadway musical in the ’60’s).

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