Take Five

Waiting for the sunset at Lands End … the edge of the Pacific Ocean … at the Cliff House in San Francisco.


It’s a warm evening with cool breezes, and the beach is available.


A layer of fog that had settled over this scene suddenly blows out to sea … and the view from the beach (looking at the Cliff House) is inviting.


Oh, the Cliff House is not what it once was.  There are many pictures and stories on the walls to remind us of its heyday. Below is a mural of the Sutro Baths, once a well attended public saltwater swimming pool, that shared this corner of land.


That being said, the Cliff House is different now. It’s a wonderful spot to relax … looking out to the Marin Headlands … either for dinner, or just a few snacks and some iced tea. The view is magnificent. The beach, the balconies and the food areas are uncrowded. Stroll for a few minutes, or take the whole day at beachside. And did I say anything about the stunning view??


We grazed on a spot of clam chowder and an assortment of cheeses …



… while we anticipate the sun dropping over the horizon. It’s good. Very, very good.

2 thoughts on “Take Five

    1. Indeed! There were so very few people here to enjoy the view … a few folks strolling on the beach, a handful of surfers waiting for a wave, a half-dozen diners lazing about the lounge, a small load of tourists snapping pictures before their ride leaves. Very uncrowded and very peaceful!

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