Look up! Always, look up!

Sheltering trees that keep the noon heat at bay, and a breeze coming off the lake. Promises of welcome relief. We’re 19 miles from the highway up and over the mountains and down some switchbacks going to Dworshak Lake … an uncrowded visual delight. Check your vehicle brakes we’re advised.
This must be the place … clear skies, shimmering heat in the clearing, cool forests in which to retreat, magnificent views. Electrical hookups, no cell signal, hot water showers. Cougars, bears, deer in the area (don’t run if ya see them)! Perfect.
Equipment for kiddos.
Docks for intrepid anglers … or for those staying overnight in their boat. The Big Eddy Marina, where there is gas and services for such boats, is a number of boat hours and lots of water miles away.
Massive forests … this is indeed a splendid back yard. We’ll stay here.
As the evening settles, I reflect on “A Passing Glimpse” by Robert Frost:
I often see flowers from a passing car
That are gone before I can tell what they are.

I want to get out of the train and go back
To see what they were beside the track.

I name all the flowers I am sure they weren't;
Not fireweed loving where woods have burnt-

Not bluebells gracing a tunnel mouth-
Not lupine living on sand and drouth.

Was something brushed across my mind
That no one on earth will ever find?

Heaven gives it glimpses only to those
Not in position to look too close.

Search, look up, enjoy. Don’t look too close – just enjoy!

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