Oh, the pathway is clear … and by the looks of it, well travelled. But where it leads to, well that’s a little fuzzy! What wonders: “what will we encounter? Where will we end up?”

It’s still early in the morning and most people seem to still be sleeping.

We see wonderful and large growth trees, mature and majestic. Even an occasional picnic table to stop, look and listen! Should have brought some tea and snacks.

It’s no wonder why this path is well trodden.

“Bearded with moss, and in garments green” said Longfellow. That’s what we’re seeing indeed.

Soon the foliage thins … and beyond is …

… a meadow, a river also. Mist creeps over the background hills, birds and squirrels chirp at our arrival, and a few deer and rabbits lope away into the trees. Peaceful.

Wandering a bit further brings us to the river … and again, I wonder at my lack of insight in bringing along a mini picnic.

Later the walk back is different. The mist has lifted, the clouds have parted, and the character of the day has changed.

Where does this path lead? I guess it doesn’t matter … the wandering was of far more value. The destination? Unclear.

Robert Frost ended a poem: “Let what will be, be.”

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