20 – 20. Synonymous with perfect vision. Studies indicate that around 35% of adults have 20-20. Or, with “corrective measures”, up to 75%. So … even with assistance, 25% of us don’t see clearly (or, without “correction”, 65% of us don’t see clearly)!

Perhaps someday we’ll be able to look back at 2020 … clearly.  Nice. The picture below is what this traveling tortuga saw!

It’s refreshing to see the “corrective measures” that seafarers used in days gone by. The lighthouse, below, at Cape Disappointment reminds this tortuga that even on the rockiest shores, there’s light to guide us!

Guide us to what? How about warm sandy beaches even in the winter!

Maybe to long long bridges to …

… something tasty! Clam chowder while awaiting fish ‘n chips. Yum!

Lucky 13 indeed! Looking back from whence we came. The bridge below is the Astoria-Megler bridge, about 4 miles long and a treat to drive in the early morning!

November and December are our busiest work months. Even so, a little traveling calmed the jangled nerves and diminished the stress of finding rocks amidst the sand!

2020 is “a wrap” … that is, it’s all done! This tortuga prays that your 2020 was full of highlights that brought you smiles and joy … and if not, well tomorrow is 2021.  We’ll be watching, with you, for the treats to come!!

4 thoughts on “Twenty-Twenty

    1. Looking forward getting “unlocked” this year … although your walks thru London are certainly uncrowded lately! Praying for a wonderful year for you and your excursions too!!

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