Spring Diet

Tortuga has been exploring the Pacific Northwest through the winter and now into spring. It has been a delightful and busy time – and it’s time to bring this picture book up to date!

First, however … it’s time to diet!

20+ pounds of cast iron. Beautiful, easy to cook with, nonstick and undemanding to clean.

But … 20 lbs. (9 kg) made up of a couple of skillets (nice to serve “hot off the flames” steaks, etc.); a pot for soups; a frying pan, cover … and it holds the heat ever so nicely.

And the competitor? A deep wok … also cleans in a jiffy, heats up quickly and evenly … and weighs in at about 1 lb. (450 grams).

Losing 20 pounds is always good! The question is: can it live up to the awesome reputation and experience of cast iron cooking? Can it cook up breakfast, soups, stir fry, steaks, and everything else. Is it a miracle device replacing all those special purpose and weighty things?? Let’s see!

I think I really enjoy these kinds of tests!!

Without a lot of repetitive pictures, Tortuga can assure all that this wok is indeed a very special tool. Of course it handles stir-fry easily … an area where regular cast iron pots and pans struggled.

The decision is: lose the 20 pounds!

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