Lakeside …


Warmth … that’s what summer is all about! At lakesides and seacoasts worldwide, the human species is baring all to the sizzling sun … only to race for refreshment in the cooling waters.

Well, tortuga likes the water … and so the tiny home has moved to a lake region of the PNW. We like the cool breezes that come off of the water, and the glorious view. It’s always the amazing views that refresh us.


Maple trees abound … but we were captivated by this variegated maple under which we stayed a few days. Evidently, these varieties can change their color – from variegated leaves (green with a creamy white border) back to solid green leaves. Some say to eliminate the green leaf branches … others say to “relax, they most likely will change back the following year”.


Lots of lakes in this stretch … the Osoyoos, Skaha and Okanagan. Peaceful. Uncrowded (in most part). Accessible. In both Canada and the US. A great place for your tiny home.


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