Wally’s … a Destination

There’s camping … and there’s traveling.  Sometimes when traveling, the destination is the “main thing” … so an overnight location that’s safe is all that’s required.  If it’s close to stores (food, supplies, even RV or camping equipment), so much the better.  Well, we all know that Wal-Mart fits the bill for a lot of traveling RV’s!  And sometimes a new town has sights to see, restaurants to sample, stores to browse.

Now we also contend that some of these Wal-Mart locations are a “cut above.”  We might start a special ‘tag’ for these sites.  Merritt, B.C. is one of those locations.

There are few drives as beautiful as the Coquihalla in B.C.  From misty green forests to high rocks basking in the sun, or the Great Bear snow shed … the trip itself is a worthy destination.  On the other side of Merritt, the Yellowhead Highway continues to Edmonton, and Highway 97C (the freeway that was never completed) heads east to Peachland.  Those are stunning as well.  But this story is about Wal-Mart.

Here it is … nestled next to a little mountain.

Right off the freeway … yet quiet as it is somewhat sheltered.  Obviously overnighting is allowed, because there’s a class A, three 5ers and trailers and three TC’s already there!  Everyone is well-behaved, and in their units … settled in.  They, like us, are passing through … buying stuff and getting ready for the evening.  We check, and we’re to park up against a white horse fence.

This is the view …

I didn’t take these shots until the morning, because it wasn’t until the night settled in that I realized what we had.  A major part of the town is off in the distance … and the lights are twinkling nicely at night.  The prairie grasses wave gently in the breeze … you can hear the night animals foraging in the early evening.  This is NOT a 24 hour superstore … so all the night activity from shoppers cease.  This is better than many, many campgrounds that we’ve seen!

This is very, very peaceful.

A couple of the other “campers” left early.  We were mesmerized by the scene in the evening and in the morning sunrise … a truly spectacular view.  If you need wi-fi, McDonald’s is just a short hop away … one of their “coffee shop” stores.  I know, I know … it’s just Wal-Mart – don’t we have anything better to report?  Maybe – but don’t overlook the little treasures in a day.  This one was a gift.

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