Unexpected …

Yikes … an early blast of snow!

This is a surprise … not unexpected in the Pacific Northwest, but a surprise nonetheless. So, quick … head west, avoid the passes (already deep in the white stuff). Let’s go!!

Following the Columbia river, we come to Celilo Falls … which now lies beneath the river. Celilo Falls (Wyam, meaning “echo of falling water” or “sound of water upon the rocks,” in several native languages) was a tribal fishing area on the Columbia River. This was not just any fishing area, but a major center for Native American trade … many tribes converging, trading for dried salmon and other goods. In 1805 Lewis and Clark were escorted around the falls by local natives that caught salmon here, and in 1957 the falls were submerged behind the newly finished Dalles Dam.

We have cast aside taking the time to leisurely enjoy the little villages and towns, even though the aroma of smoked salmon is in the air. The coast, the coast, is on our mind!!

At last …

… we find what we seek!

After a night of listening to the ocean waves, the morning is set to walk those final few steps …

… and here we are! Uncrowded, warm and snow free!

Now we don’t want to be misunderstood — we look forward to the winter season! We revel in the snow. The quiet winter snowy days are completely refreshing.

But, it’s autumn, and “to every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” And this is the season for the beach.

Unanticipated occurrences are sometimes just open doors  …

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