Beachside, Races, Food and Fun – Rally Day 2-3/4 to Day 3

Never, ever is there a dull moment when with the TC crowd.  After Winthrop, it looks like time to relax and talk shop …

A beautiful grassy setting …

Spacious and grassy spots to camp … a great view of the beach out back … a warm autumn day.  Does it get any better?  Well, yes it does.

What is that coming toward us …

Just outside of the swimming area, it’s hydroplane race day!  Yay … entertainment provided!

Sit back on the dock, and watch ’em go by!

Colorful and fun … trying to figure out the strategies they use to get the “inside corner” while making the turns.  They race sitting on their knees … and they do a moving “start” … jockeying for position.  Oh, it was great watching them from the comfy seats on the water.

Front row seat.

Alas, this too comes to an end.  Nothing now but cool breezes wafting off of the lake.

An office with a view … from the camper.

Soon it’s time for dinner … all cooks report to their campers!  On your mark, get set, … cook!

.. then assemble to eat!

Sliced meats, salads, pastas, stuffed eggs, jalapeno poppers, seafood, teriyaki, Brussel sprouts with cranberries, wraps, chicken fajita, cakes, ice cream cake, cupcakes, oh … the list goes on.  Take a look.

Food, glorious food …
We’re anxious to try it …
Three banquets a day …

… our favorite diet! Oh, food, wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food.

Indeed … but after that there are games.  Prizes.  More food.  Then relaxing around the fire.  Talk goes into the evening, then it’s time to sleep.

In the morning the mist rises …

… and it’s the start of day 3.  Most of the caravan will go on to Leavenworth and Oktoberfest.  Unfortunately, we part ways to head back to work.  But first …

lets have some glorious breakfast.

Steaming hot sausage and gravy over breakfast biscuits – oh, this must be heaven.  As the campers roll out of their cozy warm TCs, they are welcomed by this sumptuous breakfast – thanks GeorgeBrown!  For us, it’s eat and run … off through the beautiful Methow Valley.

There are others up early …

Spotted in the early morning, near Twisp, a balloon rises …

4 thoughts on “Beachside, Races, Food and Fun – Rally Day 2-3/4 to Day 3

  1. Great Pics! Looks like a fabulous turn-out for the Fall Colors Rally. Can’t wait to join you next year! Just pulled the trigger on a TC so we’ll definitely be part of the club in 2013. Woot Woot!! Cheers! ~M

  2. The food just keeps getting better and better at that rally :). II was up somewhere in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or Wisconsin seeing some real eye popping fall colors this time around ;).

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