Tiny Home Back in the Wild


With a new home foundation (springs, shocks, batteries), we went to creekside in the country. A National Recreation campground with no hookups … but plenty of space … was the right place to test everything new.

Below is our backyard …


… and this is the view to our left …


… and here’s looking back to our home from the trail.


Well, this really isn’t “the wild”, but is is the perfect place to spend some time until it’s time to move. Depending on the time of day, there’s cell signal too.

Sometimes we think that we live a relatively minimal lifestyle … but our neighbor put us to shame. Arriving on his bike, his tent was set up in minutes … his cot kept him off the ground … his chairs, stove, food and electronics all packed away neatly in side-saddles! Nice. He and his wife had recently returned from an extended trip up north, but today he alone was visiting friends on a houseboat just a hike away from here.


That’s a little too minimal for us.


There’s plenty of time to work, to read, to hike and to just enjoy the amazing life we’ve been given. So … until next time, live simply and live well and thank the Lord our maker …


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