On the Town …

Let’s describe “On the Town.” A grilled cheese sandwich, sourdough bread with luscious avocado, full of oven roasted turkey, smoked bacon, mild swiss and mozzarella cheese. Yup, that’s it pictured above!

My driver is in town, and “on the town” for a few days. Our tiny home is up on the prairie where the livin’ is easy …

… and we’re down below is the Garland street fair … an annual display of great cars, fun food, and just a good time ‘ole time street fair.


We’re “on the town” alright … visiting one of our favorite haunts … The Gathering House on Garland …


… where they do grilled cheese sandwiches … like “On the Town” above. Amazing! Another is their “South Pacific” … sourdough, cured ham, grilled pineapple, swiss cheese and polynesian BBQ sauce. And, there’s a few more theme based grilled cheese sands!!! Only at the “Gathering House” on Garland in Spokane … my driver says these are the VERY best.

Across the street is the Milk Bottle, where a great burger and shake are on the menu. Sit and watch the fair goers!


“On the town time” is your time to reconnect, relax and reestablish! Eat out with those you love. Visit with friends and neighbors. Help out those who need a lift.

And as always, remember from whence y’all came.


We’re enjoying our time on the town, because we’ll be back in traveling mode soon!

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