Life as a tortuga is good. Our home is on our back (we’re in what is called a truck camper) so that we can be at home wherever we roam.

We’ve got everything we need as well as many things that we don’t need. We try to keep things simple … we try to keep things at a minimal level … and we sometimes succeed.

... everything smooths out and we're in the trees ...
… everything smooths out and we’re in the trees …

We’ve chosen simple living … but with every necessary convenience: kitchen, bathroom, shower, electricity and gas.  We’re ready to go anywhere and stay anywhere.  We pack lots of amp-hours and propane too. This is our home! Our tiny home.

We’re fully self contained, or we can plug into hookups. We keep our home tidy and clean, without “stuff” hanging outside. Our accommodations are around 110 square feet (around 10 square meters). We’re 4×4 of course … ready for all kinds of road conditions.

We’ve got a quiet ride too … we don’t listen to the rattling and squeaking of our home when we cruise down the road. We’re up front, in a nice quiet truck.

We work and live in western North America. The stunning landscapes, varied flora and fauna, cute little towns, cosmopolitan cities, mountains, rivers, lakes, plains and the ocean  … well, there’s no reason to go elsewhere. We share this little slice of earth with people, languages and customs from all over the world.

For seven years our home was a Bigfoot unit … fun and lightweight. Good in all seasons!

We’ve been enjoying our Adventurer home for four years now … also good in all seasons!

Simple is fun. Uncomplicated is relaxing. Come along … you may see something you like!

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