Warmth of Summer

“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness” said John Steinbeck. Indeed!!

Temperatures rise, and this tortuga sets out to find breezy settings that relieve the blistering 108F (42C) conditions. Rivers, reservoirs, lakes are on the radar … down by the Snake River and the Clearwater River.

The Snake River travels all the way from Wyoming to Washington State … about 1,000 miles. It travels thru Hells Canyon, “a steep, spectacular, rapid-strewn gorge that cuts through the Salmon River Mountains and Blue Mountains of Idaho and Oregon. Great words: rapid-strewn gorge, Blue Mountains, spectacular. Tortuga has enjoyed rafting the Snake … an amazing adventure in itself.

The river is pretty tame here though, and a cool breeze wafts through our backyard these days.
Still, 108 degrees is hot!
On one side we can bake in the heat … and on the other side enjoy the languid draft from the river.
The heat of summer will continue to increase in this area, so we’ll be exploring the Clearwater in the next few days. The Clearwater is only about 100 miles long, and partially originates in the Bitterroot Mountains. What a great name, “Bitterroot Mountains”. Visions of the wild west dance thru our head …
… and evening draws to a close. Oh, and the heat? John continues his quote: “You only truly, deeply appreciate and are grateful for something when you compare and contrast it to something worse”. 108F isn’t heat – it’s just warmth.

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