Erin Hanson, in “Returning”, crafted these words:

Perhaps we only leave
So we can once again arrive,
To get a bird’s eye view
Of what it means to be alive.
For there is beauty in returning,
Oh how wonderful, how strange,
To see that everything’s different
But know it is only you who changed.

Winter is passing. Just like before. Maybe like it will again.

The beauty lingers, the unhurried snow lightly covers the hills, and this traveling tortuga has returned home.

Everything is different … and yet not.

Learners of all ages are looking to the future …

… crafting delicious lunches (Spokane Community College Culinary program) …

… and the local Italian favorites (Mamma Mia’s in Spokane) are satisfying tummies …

… and real Chinese food (Gilly’s in Grand Forks, Canada) is available just a short trip across the border …

… which means that while everything seems different – it’s only me that has changed.


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