Slow Down

Smoky season is here. Tortuga is traveling from Washington State to Montana … perhaps we can escape the fireside odor.

Up by Sullivan Lake, close to the Canadian border, we can smell the smoke and see it creeping toward us.
And the little hamlet of Metaline Falls, with a population a little over 200, they’re breathing behind closed doors. They know.
We look east … perhaps we can get ahead of the amber cloud that’s coming our way ….
… but alas, even climbing into the mountains in Montana, there is no escape. Ah well, slow down.
Instead of worrying about what we cannot change, enjoy what is in front of us. BUT at the same time … watch out for the bears!
The creeks are still bubbling … the water is clear … the deep forest is cool, filled with birdsong.
Uncrowded lakeside sites to overnight … another blessing.

So …. instead of flailing about trying to outsmart the season … we’ll take a slice of our own advice. Slow down. In a couple of weeks the smoke will lost in memory.

Was it Simon and Garfunkel who sang “Slow down, you’re going to fast …you’ve got to make the moment last … ” Hmmm, that was a long time ago. How about Nichole Nordeman softly singing “Slow down, won’t you take a minute more?

Time will pass, and pass too quickly. Indeed.

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