The Farm

My drivers like the farm! First, we get to squeeze up a little cider. Oh, it’s not a quick process … but oh, the results! Number one – chop up those apples.


Apples chopped up by some young muscle … then into the press …


… and then, well … press ’em. Nothing but fresh apple goodness. Yum.


And did you see those hay bales in the distance?? A good place to run off any excess energy …


… if you don’t disappear between the bales, that is. Or hop onto the zip line …


… there’s always something to do on the farm.


Our next years piggie is rooting around in his dinner … all in a day’s work for him. Oh, there’s tug-of-war, sitting around the fire cooking up smores, gathering around the dinner table telling stories, and more … it’s just another fantastic farm day.

Now all this activity is a little too strenuous for this Tortuga … but watching my drivers play the day away is a great joy.

Simply living. Living simply.

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