Meandering Minimally?


Summer warmth stirs the desire to roam, to rejoice and revel in the rara avis that is the West. Years ago we received a comment from a reader in Belgium … decrying the lack of space for casual boondocking.  Camping was always crowded, he said. Using Google, we confirmed that his complaints had some merit … the Belgian landscape is largely privately owned – that is, there is precious little open space. We are blessed in the Pacific Northwest of North America. There is an abundance of open space and it’s ready to be fully enjoyed!

Tortuga and his crew are ready to go … one of the luxuries of living in a tiny home on wheels!


Wind’s in the East…mist coming in.
Like something is brewing, about to begin.
Can’t put my finger…on what lies in store,
but I fear what’s to happen all happened before.

Here’s the program: get up at dawn, anchor those things that move, and …


… go explore the Okanogan River, Osoyoos Lake, the mighty Columbia, the Kettle River Range, the magnificent Fraser River, the Similkameen River, Kamloops Lake, Cariboo country and more.










We varied our homesites … rushing creekside, a couple of riversides, an uncrowded lakeside campground …




… and we ate …


… and we got some work done too.

There’s a lot of stories about minimalism and simplicity out there. My driver thinks maybe we qualify as minimalists. Or maybe as simple living adherents.

Tortuga doesn’t think so. Tortuga thinks we’re just living well. As designed.

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