Tiny Home on the Prairie…


Every day is a gift. The view from our tiny home is breathtaking in the morning …


… changing to simply stunning in the evening.


Mornings turn to mid-day …


… and then to sunsets …



… and then to mornings again.


Even as we are surrounded by this easy-going beauty, there’s something in us that prods us change the scenery. And, as summer warms up, my driver looks for an escape to the mountains … some time at lakeside … relaxing at the river. And then, of course, a return to the prairie that is home.

That’s why we’re in a tiny home, I guess. Soon we’ll be back in “tortuga mode”, leaving behind the locals (below) to munch on the green abundance and horse around throughout their day.


It’s morning now … time blend some apples, bananas, blueberries, yogurt and juice of the orange to fuel us up for travelin …


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