The U


My drivers work. Their work takes them to universities specializing in health care. Health care students study long and hard, and the U’s thoughtfully provide lots of places to sit, reflect and discuss. Those places are not always full.


Since they (my drivers) often do their health care software support in the very early morning and late evening, the warm sunny days are a perfect time for them to enjoy this abundant empty space. It’s a time to decompress, to reflect on the work ahead … to discuss solutions to the problems at hand!


Sunny benches (above), or shady coves (below), all are available … sort of like manicured countryside settings (imagine hidden amongst the cliffs … sitting on the spacious prairie … perching on granite seats overlooking …). Imagination is a good thing!

The only fauna, however, is the hourly herds of bright-eyed brilliants heading to their next location. Sometimes we see them at play. We thank God for their intensity and dedication. Congratulations to them and their parents — good job!! The future is indeed bright!

Also, an occasional chipmunk … also bright-eyed.


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