Vivere … an Italian word coming from Latin … present active infinitive. Used alone, as a command, it implies “be alive, live fully!”  Present active infinitive means do it, now!

On this winter day at noon, Friday January 20, students at the local community college culinary program are excited about their future, preparing and serving their creations.


First there was a little taste treat served on a spoon “to cleanse our palate” for the delights to come. It tasted like pickled ginger, perhaps chopped tomato as well … we just did as we were told, and our wait person took the spoons away.

Next an amazing little cup of tomato based soup … more like a stew of pork, chicken … absolutely rich and delightful!


Of course, with rich homemade bread and sweet butter … the main courses followed at exactly the right moment.

Cajun chicken Caesar salad …Cajun seared chicken breast, smoked bacon, spiced pecans, tomatoes and red onions.


Pan seared salmon … tomatoes, capers, Kalamata olives and basil, fresh pasta and grilled lemon. Oh my!


Followed by luscious desserts. A blueberry cheesecake cookie, and chilled creme brulee. Oh, look at this …



So … on this inauguration day many things are going on. Here it’s “Vivere” … living with a capital “L”. People are learning new skills, meeting new friends, changing their lives and creating a new future.



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