Winter Wanes


The rustling of little breezes signals the soothing season of winter is departing.

Boats will soon refill the empty docks, and people will be out-and-about again … the fear of the cold will dissipate and another cycle completes.


Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy the quiet times and marvel at the transformations right in front of us … late in the day …

… and early in the morning.

Perhaps some tiny tunes in the tiny house …

8 thoughts on “Winter Wanes

    1. It’s probably the same everywhere … wash hands, avoid large crowds, get fresh air, exercise. That’s probably good advice for any day of the year. We are certainly blessed to get out in the countryside! I’m hoping you can do that too!!!!

  1. …..those boats you write about might not be returning quite so plentifully this time around, eh? This cycle seems to be rather drastically interrupted. ‘Shelter in place’ is something you’re very accomplished in doing, thank heaven.

    1. Shelter in place hasn’t hit the countryside yet. Today (a sunny day with springtime temperatures) those intrepid fishing folks are motoring up and down the Columbia …

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