Wake-Up Call

Our view of winter …

We get comfortable in our seasons of life … the daily rhythms and the constant hope of what the next day will bring. Winter uniquely offers quiet beauty and solitude … a very special season of reflection. But like each season of life, it’s only a preparation for the next season.

This winter we’ve enjoyed being in “tiny home” mode, that is, with power connections for much of this season. Oh, we’ve escaped a few times, in “RV” mode, to change the view from our little home … but this traveling tortuga has hibernated a lot this winter. That means my driver has gotten a lot of work done – and that’s important!

As the sun goes down today, and the snow rapidly disappears, it’s a wake-up call that “the times they are a changin.” – Bob Dylan, 1963

Sunset today (3/5/17) … slightly drab …

Our ninety square feet (yes 90) continues to be amazingly spacious! The great American West still offers grand and glorious sights and tastes, new and old, that fill our every desire. Every season is more fun than the last!

Spring is just around the corner … stuff will be bloomin’, it’ll be time to plant for that yummy fresh garden produce, and there will be new travels – to some places we’ve visited before, and some places that we have not seen before. There isn’t time to be sad over the loss of the quiet and reflective winter … but there is time for the vibrancy and color of spring. Yay for a new season. Yay for times that are a changin!

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