Cityscape is paesaggio urbano in Italian. That translates to “urban landscape” … and that’s where this tortuga is escaping a wintry blast up north! Here, under the San Francisco Bay Bridge is the land of wharves …

… and on the pier sits Red’s Java House.

It’s still here. The menu hasn’t changed much (except the prices). Sit awhile … enjoy the sunrise or sunset … nothing complicated here!

Longshoremen and warehouse workers have been fed here since the 1930’s … and the driver for Traveling Tortuga worked close by and lunched here … hot dog and a beer with mustard, pickles and onion. Or a burger on sourdough bread, or chili. Coffee available.

Catch the trolley, and roll back into the city …

… that never seems to sleep …

… or go watch chocolate being finished at Ghirardelli’s.

Relax on the waterfront …

… or go for a ride.

The paesaggio urbano is much more than a few buildings. It is a landscape full of life, abounding with activity, yet packed with places to rest and remember.

And in the morning, a spot of tea, fresh gai mei bow, a new day begins.

In some ways the urban landscape differs greatly from the rural landscape … and in other ways it’s very similar.

Nonetheless, there is opportunity to find the beauty in each.

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