Springtime 2021 came right on time … lasted a few days, then teased with some mid-summer days. That’s normal in the Pacific Northwest.

These pics are from 100F (37.7C) days … those mid-summer days that remind us that we should relax … recline … repose … reflect. You know what to do when it gets like this!

Right! Get a cup of tea and enjoy the tan hills rising from Lake Entiat … baking in the morning sun. Beautiful, especially from across the water, sheltered amongst the poplars.
Looking south, a village warms to life. The hills beyond start to soak up the sun’s bounty.
Tortuga will enjoy the pleasant warming and ponder those little things that one wonders about.
Such as: what’s for breakfast? Then how about morning tea … or elevensies?
Up the hill, away from lakeside, sits our tiny home … also warming up in the sun …
… and across the lake the sun does her work, These lands include the “channeled scablands”, so named for the deep gorge channeling, and large areas of land with thin soils in arid conditions. Lots of sage … and the sweet smell wafts over this oasis!

The city of Wenatchee is to the south where the Columbia River and the Wenatchee River meet. And apples grow there!! This is an oasis in a dry and hot place. And it’s an inviting place to linger. So, we shall.

4 thoughts on “Oasis

    1. It was truly a cool relaxing rest after some increasingly hot weather … at a location that looks like many places in our world. Happy that you enjoyed the picture!!

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