Wake up, wake up, wake up …


That’s a Stroopwafel … sweet wafers with caramel inside … sitting on top of hot tea (to soften the caramel). A perfect waker-upper.

Tortuga says to “Wake up!” Spring is fading into summer and the days are not to be wasted. It was mid-May and Tortuga’s cold blood is warming … so we must get moving.


Our Friesen friends note that a home-made stroopwafel is much superior to the imported model above … but it was sooooo very good! Living in the PNW may mean that we’ll have to try cooking our own.




This is our amazing backyard for mid-May. Just follow the road to find yours …


5 thoughts on “Wake up, wake up, wake up …

  1. I have a lovely view of a fabulous mountain outside of my kitchen window that I can also see from where I use the computer . . . B U T . . . I’d rather be doing what YOU are doing!!! ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. I’m trying to share my love of EASY feeding of oneself with delicious and nutritious foods. Sometimes I throw other things in there, too!

    1. Everything you do reflects a simple yet careful selection of ingredients combined for amazing flavors and a full compliments of nutrients! For a tortuga living in less than 100 sq. ft., that’s of primary importance! Then, you plate everything beautifully to boot … a challenge for anyone who thoroughly loves food. Our great thanks for you and your site!!

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