To one in sympathy with nature, each season, in its turn, seems the loveliest.

Mark Twain

Warm afternoons, cool evenings, slow flowing rivers and seemingly endless forests make autumn the loveliest season!

Of course, until the next season comes.

The highway carries us along through the years … with an alley here, a colorful lane there, an interesting path on the left, or a bypass on the right.

Cecil Frances Alexander noted, in the late 1800’s, her “Four Seasons” poem:

The leaves are yellow, red, and brown,
A shower sprinkles softly down;
The air is fragrant, crisp and cool,
And once again I’m stuck in school.

Fortunately, we are not stuck in school! But, nighttime arrives earlier now, and this traveling tortuga will pause to enjoy the “photographers golden hour”.

May the colorful crispness of autumn fill you with hope and joy!

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