Whoa Nelly …


18Nov017A neighborhood pub … Irish … fish and chips on the menu! Tortuga’s driver loves fish and chips. Not healthy. Perhaps rounding up a few friends will make it healthier???

Sitting around the fire, in the city, is not necessarily an easy find. But … here, with F&C … well, it is a find. Time to put up the ‘ole feet, order up a tall glass of iced tea, and munch.


Actually, it’s a lot like being in the great outdoors, so Tortuga approves. The local fauna are indeed rambunctious!! Lots of laughter, friends having good clean fun, and a quiet place by the fire to observe.

Here we can split the famous Nelly’s burger, fish and chips, battered sausages … and while away an evening.


After sitting around the fire an enjoying friends, we soon strolled back through the concrete jungle to our mobile home.

Whoa Nelly … “Whoa” is the command to slow or stop either a plough team whether oxen or horses, and derives I believe from Anglo Saxon, but was certainly present in Middle English circa 15th century, call it 1450. The term was also used by riders to slow and stop their horse when riding.

“Nelly” was the common name for a mule which was also an animal used for ploughing. It may also be used as the name for a mare.

The Roy Rogers programme featured a Jeep called Nellybelle, and its driver was played by Pat Butram. It is possible that the persistence and even revival of the term relates to the show from the 50s.

A little different than usual … but simple fun nonetheless.


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