Countryside …


August draws near … another summer is passing by. Golden fields, hot dry winds and cool evenings signal that it’s time to enjoy the countryside while the warmth is still around! The days will soon get shorter, and we’ll all long for these times again.

Above, my driver climbs to the top of Steptoe Butte, about 3,600 feet above the Palouse. The wheat fields, rolling hills and grasslands are all in sight … 360 degrees of beauty.


This is the tame country of the West … uncrowded, expansive and peaceful!


A little further on the countryside becomes a little more primitive, and untamed …


… with little canyons, occasional farms, thundering waterfalls.


You can see the little trail on the cliff on the left … we skipped it this trip. A slight breeze on a 97 degree day was not enough to encourage us onward.


Then, continuing on down the road …


… we come again to the fruited plains, just before harvest time.


From the above, we get stuff like the picture below!


Fresh out of the kitchen … tasting even better than it looks (if that’s possible). Then, fresh off of the tree …


… dark sweet cherries. And finally, peas, carrots and peppers from the garden stir fried (along with ribs from Costco).


This is countryside life … in a tiny home on wheels. Simply. Living. Well.

My driver is happy that I talked him into this!


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