A Winter


Winter in the Pacific Northwest … which is it? As above, with the wind howling across the prairie … dull, cloudy skies that chill you to the bone … all the colors of the rainbow – as long as they are white or gray?

Or peaceful blue skies filled with puffy clouds … warmth from the sun that make you want to sit and absorb … browns, blues, yellows and greens that fill the air with a crisp fragrance?


The answer, of course, it’s both … often within the same week.

From October to March, Tortuga and company have ranged from California to Canada, revisiting familiar haunts, enjoying chilly winter scenes, warm spring-like days, glad days and sad days.

Below a warning sky is coming from the east. More snow, and it’s time to crank up the heater! This is Oregon … we didn’t stay long …


… and we eventually sought refuge in California casino country … buffet style.


This winter included sad days, saying goodbye to those we love …

… and glad days, renewing ties …


… shopping the fresh foods of the world …


… enjoying yet milder winter days …


… and finally, saying adieu.


Many miles away, we encountered clear skies …


… and empty beaches.


Perhaps the winter chill is too much for the natives, eh?


We wintered at a local culinary school …

… where students are preparing for new careers. Amazing creations.


And that’s it. A winter. That’s our journey from October to March. Full of simplicity …


… and full of living.

Tortuga enjoys winter evenings. There’s work to be done in the daytime, or miles to traverse, or foods to be enjoyed. But winter evenings are for reflection.





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