Just north of Hunters (a community of 300ish folks), and a little south of Cedonia (the name is a shortened version of Macedonia), we relax on the lake up against the beach. This is a section of the great Columbia River, whose drainage basin (according to Wikipedia) is roughly the size of France. It’s peaceful. It’s warm. And today, it’s home.


We’re in a Ponderosa pine forested area. Mainly Ponderosas punctuated with some Douglas fir and a few aspens. Warm sun in the afternoon … not hot yet, it’s still only May. Evenings cool down as a reminder that it’s still early spring here – the snow is abundant at higher elevations!


But today, we can look forward to the advancing summer. Change is in the air!!


From our house, the waterfront is a gentle stroll down the beach …


… with another tranquil day in sight.



2 thoughts on “Stillness

    1. It was a fine spot to reflect on the distractions of work, of the busyness of changes to the tiny home, and of the changing seasons! I’m happy that you like the location!

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